Remove screw on the upper case. When analyzing an intermittent problem, do the following: Remove four screws on the thermal pipe and remove it. Burn backup discs From the Backup page of Acer eRecovery Management, you can burn the factory default image or back up drivers and applications. When you are prompted to enter a password, you have three tries before the system halts. Please detach the RTC battery and follow local regulations for disposal. Closed Front View Turns the internal touchpad on and off.

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Double verticleTriple primary at leftTriple primary at rightor Quad Acer Gridvista is dual-display compatible, allowing two displays to acer aspire timelinex 3820t partitioned indepently.

RTC battery has been highlighted with the yellow circle as above image shows.

Remove four steal parts to take off panel. Remove the FFC behind the keyboard. Remove seven screws on the bezel.

Acer Aspire Timeline 3810T Specifications

Make sure that the aaspire does not have more than one label attached to it. For example, if you want to remove the system board, you must first remove the keyboard, then disassemble the inside assembly frame in that order.

External display does not work correctly. No beep, power-on indicator turns on and Qcer is blank. Unplug the AC adapter and all power and signal cables from the system.

Acer Empowering Technology

Disassembly Procedure Flowchard The flowchart on the succeeding page gives you a acer aspire timelinex 3820t representation on the entire disassembly sequence and instructs you on the components that need to be removed during servicing. Release the screw of fan and take off it. See the following figure.

If you wish to change your settings at any time, run Acer Backup Manager from the Start timelienx and go through acer aspire timelinex 3820t steps outlined above. Remove or disconnect all of the following devices: Please detach the battery and follow local regulations for disposal.


Intermittent Problems Intermittent system hang problems can be caused by a acer aspire timelinex 3820t of acer aspire timelinex 3820t that have nothing to do with a hardware defect, such as: Non-Acer devices Printer, mouse, and other external devices Battery pack Hard disk drive System activity refers to any activity involving one or more of the following devices: Remove the FFC of the panel and audio board.

Houses the computer’s main memory. The Set Password box appears: Release wireless screw and Line and remove wireless card. Disconnect five latches on the keyboard. USB does not work correctly Print problems. Go to the diagnostic memory in the test items. Serial or parallel port device problems.

Page 4 Conventions The following conventions are used in this manual: Acer Arcade Deluxe 1. Turns the internal touchpad on and off.

Gives bits and pieces of additional information related to the current topic. If you do not have a crisis recovery diskette at hand, then you should create a Crisis Recovery Diskette before you use the Phlash utility. Hot Keys, Special Key Hot Keys The computer employs hotkeys or key combinations to access acer aspire timelinex 3820t of the computer’s controls like screen brightness and volume output.

Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals. Page 45 Acer aspire timelinex 3820t The Exit screen contains parameters that help safeguard and protect your computer from unauthorized use. The setup uses a menu driven interface to allow the user to configure their system.


Acer aspire timelinex 3820t upper case and disconnect the connection between the audio board and upper case. Some fonts and software do not support the Euro symbol. Aspire tz seriesAstz – aspire timeline – aluminum laptopAspire tg seriesAspire tzg series. Acer aspire timelinex 3820t Problems Intermittent Problems Intermittent system hang problems can be caused by a aspite of reasons that have nothing to do with a hardware defect, such as: