This seller sells two varieties of cameras, but does not identify the version in the sales listing. Each firmware version might be optimized for a specific hardware configuration. Once connected as a mass storage device a quick press of the power button will switch to webcam mode. If it does not work, you will get ‘USB connection error’ displayed. Allan received a 3 from eBay eletoponline They both test OK. I did find an annoying feature inside.

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Thanks and regards to all The camera seems OK and can be turned off and on. I am sorry we forgot to tell you that We sell the 8, New Camera Version at present. Mailed anyka usb pen camera seller but no response ccamera 2 weeks, then seller offered full refund.

Microsoft Support about this. Webcam mode does not start. Can cameta please help me how to do that? Again, I have owned about 5 of these things.

I’ve not done any further checking because it’s now 3am and i’m exhausted. It is the last two, test 1 and 2. Luckily I retained a copy of the auction specifying 3 camera, so I informed linjiechong that the 8 is not an pej, especially the horrible sound recording, and demanded a 3 camera.

While uploading Windows will make sounds to indicate USB connect or disconnect. Ordered June Looking at the uwb side of the camera, the SD card goes in with the gold fingers up. I charged it again with a good cable and now it works again. China to Florida in 10 days. I am anyka usb pen camera it on Windows XP. Chris received a 8 from Meritline. The only thing is, the file is totally blank, nothing in there and the file size says 0 bytes. Replacing the diode might temporarily or permanently make the camera functional.

Is it OK to reformat the 3 camera micro SD flash card? Paul received a real 3 from anyka usb pen camera rdandsell item number on Jan Marc in Germany received four 8 from eBay crownall.

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware | 01

Black lens separator I just need to figure out how to upload anyka usb pen camera to a new 3 when it finally arrives. Files and folders from 3 anyka usb pen camera PC are downloaded. It is possible that some diodes are more susceptible to over current damage than others, so this failure might not happen in all cameras.

To be honest, to help the community further, i am going to need some good Samaritans who can send me a unit of each variant.

Car Keys Micro Camera Review – Version #3

I anyka usb pen camera not being paid for any mention or promotion. Download the EXE file. The PCB’s had a slightly different layout. Also let me know the cost. This mod is only for the 3. There are many other sellers. Schematics of the Anyka cameras 1, 7 are available here: A good 3 would be about 85 MB per minute.

Press the power button.

He likes the keyhere camera better because the case is different and 0. Firmware For MP4 Player. List of 11 sellers. After using your camera as a webcam, you always have to reset it. I received an email with an anyka usb pen camera MD80 schematic. Try a different, better flash card.

If you brick your 3 camera while trying to reload the firmware, here is a way that might un-brick anyks. When USB connected, the camera will either not charge, or will not fully charge.

EH has this comment about his 3 camera. Things that are the same: I suspect that the protection circuit was in an odd state that kept the LiPo constantly disconnected. I have now bricked killed 2 units how anyka usb pen camera un-brick. I go into webcam mode short press the 3 power button.

This procedure has also worked with the gumpack camera that has the Sunplus processor and same electronics as the 3.

Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware

The 3 firmware size has been various sizes less than 2 megabytes. Each firmware version might be optimized for a specific hardware configuration. Press the Download key. After I did that, the problems went away!!!

I have to say, My problem aynka that After a while my device didn’t work and just is showin a massage anyka usb pen camera “The system is broken