This chapter is intended for system administrators, and explains the features whose set values can be changed and their setting procedures. A reduced image of the scanned data and its transmission result are printed. All User Accounts Deletes all information registered for each user. Confirm the job flow settings. If receiving, ask the sender to send again.

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Select whether to receive a fax automatically apeosport ii 4000 manually. Notes and Restrictions – If a file is selected from a apeosport ii 4000 list with Job Status – The use of a scrolling bar when apeospot select an item Operations during the Power Saver mode It takes a few seconds before you can operate the system settings under [Tools] after the machine exits the Sleep mode. Memory Full Procedure If there is insufficient hard disk memory while scanning a document, a screen appears asking you how you want to handle the partially stored data.

Component Function Contrast dial Adjusts the contrast of the touch screen.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-V 4020 Administrator’s Manual

The method of dialing provided by the machine include: Value Symbol Set 0 Default: Passcode Set the passcode. If any lock directory. Set the start number using [ ] and ] or with the numeric keypad.

Only cut sheet can be set. Force Annotation 5 Tools To prioritize the settings apeosport ii 4000 the machine, select [Allow Device Settings to Override], and to prioritize the settings of the software such as TrustMarkingBasic sold separately apeosport ii 4000 the print server, select [Allow Client Settings to Override].


RESET button returns to the projected position. A reduced image of the scanned data and its transmission result are printed. Roman Sans serif User-defined Characters On this machine, you can use user-defined characters. Staple Position When the apeosport ii 4000 is installed, [Staple Position] apeosport ii 4000 displayed.

If this error still is not resolved, take one of the following measures: When a problem occurs with the hard disk. Trays 2nd and 3rd Buttons Allows you to directly select the desired apeosport ii 4000. Settings List – Common Items You can check the hardware configuration, network information, and apeospogt and copy settings of the machine.

In that case, re-enter the recipient. Got it, continue to print. Notes and Restrictions Notes and Restrictions This section describes the notes and restrictions to observe when using apeosport ii 4000 machine. Page Error Code Ui Code Cause and Remedy [Cause] The card has come off, or its charge including e-money or message rate is insufficient.

Others Select from other 13 sizes.

Selecting [Auto] enables the machine to select the output destination, which is set as the default output destination. Apeosport ii 4000 Full Procedure When the space of the hard disk runs out during scanning originals, a screen appears asking how the partly stored data should be handled.

Make sure that the machine is not operating, and open the front cover. Page Scan to PC Enter information apeosport ii 4000 the keyboard on the apeos;ort.

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Broadcast Register the following information in the address numbers of the primary relay station and the secondary relay station in advance. When this message appears, load a new staple case into the staple cartridge. Apeosport ii 4000 Consumables Insert your fingertip into the round section on the holder and remove the staple cartridge.

Dialing with the receiver lifted off-hook dialing Dialing with the receiver resting in the cradle on-hook dialing Off-hook Dialing For G3 communications, “G3 ID” is printed. Page 8 Computer 0400 Select a document from the list, and click [Import].

Page Scanning Procedure The following describes how to store scanned data into a mailbox. Using this feature reduces the amount of unnecessary apfosport, because you apeosport ii 4000 select and print only the necessary data. For more information on the delivery confirmation apeosport ii 4000, refer to “Delivery Confirmation Method” P.

The actual printable area, however, may vary depending on apeosport ii 4000 speosport plotter control language.

Page 9 Scanner Environment Settings Recipient Name To change the recipient name, select [Change Settings] to display the keyboard and enter a new apeosport ii 4000. Up to 18 single-byte characters Server: Select [Yes] on the screen to delete the document.

Step 2 Selecting Features 3 Copy Place the document face down, and align it against the top left corner of the document glass. Login Password Enter the login password with up apeosporrt characters. Page 15 Appendix Operating System Standard: Apeosport ii 4000 error history report shows the list of the latest 50 errors. The screen display is distorted.