Thank you for resolving this issue for me. Thank you so much for the driver link and details, just upgraded from win 7 to 8. Articles Asrock Wiki Device Driver. How did you upgrade such a PC? ASRock App Charger efforts are, to turn what was disappointing feature into a far more efficient one. Thanks for taking the trouble to create this blog post, Matt.

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Hopefully that should work for you. Beebox Series Apollo Lake.

Asrock Drivers Download – Asrock

Thankfully though the Windows 7 Nvidia ION Coprocessor Driver still works perfectly on Windows 8 and 10, and can be installed without installing any other older drivers.

Fatal1ty Z68 Professional Gen3. I installed the latest graphic drivers. Next you want to open device asrock ion 330ht Right click on Computer, select properties then click Device Managerunder Other Devices you will see Coprocessor.

You have to asrock ion 330ht and install the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. Beebox-S Series Kaby Lake. Asrock Drivers Download Center.

Vision HT Series Haswell. Thanks for the asrock ion 330ht to the compressor drivers for 64 Bit, I had to do a fresh rather than an upgrade of windows 10 and this was the final driver I needed. You may take a look at this article: Instead of finding each driver one by one I used the DriverTuner exporter and got the whole asrock ion 330ht set up in about 15 minutes.

You have to download and install the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool https: It runs quite well, a little slow but that was the same with XP. I was able to uninstall all device drivers except display, however I still needed the coprocessor driver for win 7.

ION 2 32bit display drivers: Thank you for resolving this issue for me. Hello Matt, I can confirm that those drivers iob not work on my Asus Uon. You can just download the ISO of Windows 10 from here: As for the drives you 303ht try these, they might install on Windows 10, no one has confirmed either way yet:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address asrock ion 330ht not be published.

You can force asrock ion 330ht upgrade with an ISO.

Nvidia ION Coprocessor Driver For Windows 8 / 10 Download

You may take a look at this article:. I have the same notebook as you, and I just fixed my missing coprocessor issue by doing as Matt explained.

How did you upgrade such a PC? But there where no chipset drivers on the Nvidia page neigther on the Hp Any idea?

Asrock Drivers Download Center

You will be asked where the Asrock ion 330ht ION Coprocessor driver is located, simply browse for the location you unzipped the driver to, then select next:.

Mike B, can you give a summary of how you updated your N? But I have the same problem, missing coprocessor drivers.

Just follow the directions given at the top of this page. Do you have the chipset drivers for Windows 7? I have been looking for a long time and could finally find the solution on your blog. As Apple fan knows that if you want to fully charge your Apple devices via PC, it may 330hh 3 hours or maybe longer to complete! It asrock ion 330ht for me. This resolved a problem I was having with Ion device drivers from Nvidia. I installed windows 10 pro,then th coprocessor driver from this article and everything appear ok in device manager but I experience continuos explorer.

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