If a Job Flow is performed with the following settings, an interference pattern may be created: This feature can be used with the receiver either off-hook or on-hook. When [Print] is Selected Specify how to process the job after printing. Enter a User ID and select [Save]. Edit Displays the [Edit Recipient] screen, which allows you to check or change the recipient selected. Available Combinations of Login and Accounting Types You can select the Login and Accounting Types individually, but some combinations are not available.

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Delete from this group Deletes a registered address. Priority Send fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 applied. Japanese-English dictionaries as specified in the said license, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license. The file is opened. Select a job flow sheet docucebtre link to. Unable to Copy Fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 you cannot copy a document, identify the symptom in the following table to perform the remedy.

Fuju Broadcast 5 Tools Select [On]. Energy Saver Mode Energy Saver Mode Energy Saver Mode The machine is equipped lv the Energy Saver mode that reduces the power consumption by saving the electricity to the machine when no copy or print data is received for a specified time. You can assign original sizes to the buttons other than [Auto Detect].

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Custom Settings Displays the numbers stored in memory. The following shows the reference section for each operation. Staple Position This option is displayed when the finisher is installed.

When your machine does not support the Fax fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 and supports the Server Fax service only, the Server Fax service will be enabled automatically.

To use this feature, load the documents in the document feeder. Page 48 2 Paper and Other Media Push the tray in gently until it stops.

Store for Secure Polling Stores a file in a private folder on the machine. Enable the necessary port using the control panel or CentreWare Internet Services.

The Edge Erase feature dcucentre you to erase such shadows. Show E-mail Address Select this check box to display only e-mail addresses in the list.

Digital Transformation

Page 5 Scan Adds a visible signature using the certificate of the machine. Audio Tones Select whether to sound an alarm when a job ends or a fault fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060. Style 1, 2, 3 Adds page numbers only. To get the most out of the machine and to use it effectively, be sure to fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 this guide before use.

Custom Settings Displays the numbers stored in the memory. When the destination computer is Macintosh, the specified user has not been registered as a user who is permitted to use Windows Sharing. You can enter a time between 5 and seconds in 5 seconds increments. Photographs Scanning a Color Photograph Because IP Fax SIP uses existing corporate intranets, the transmission is less expensive than G3 fax transmission using public telephone network. Select [Create Authorization Groups].

Confirm whether the LPD When printing with a printer port is activated. Authentication User Roles and Authorization Groups You can select a docucdntre role and an authorization group for each user when registering a user on the machine.

Auto Fuji xerox docucentre iv 2060 Detects the document size automatically. Step1 Configuration on the Machine For information on setting whether to print the report for e-mails automatically, refer to “Scan File Transfer Report” P.

Operations During Faxing Operations during Faxing Operations during Faxing This section doxucentre the available operations during faxing. ON Scaling Selects the document size for auto scaling: