I tried to take the battery off pressing the power bottom for 15 sec. Faulty LCD screen also likely. There was a question on here about the Graphics being distorted on the LCD, that question is very similar to mine. Do you think I have to change the screen AND the inverter? Yep, I would try a new inverter first. HOwever, it comes back, if the screen moves a bit again, so it needs to be left relatively untouched, and it works. Do you know if the new LCD screen is the correct replacement for your broken screen?

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I understand that the old screen is cracked but most likely you still can see the image on a part of the screen. Pissed when I found out the salesman lied to me. I have a HP dv laptop. The screen is bright, so I guess the backlight works fine as well. I stepped on the hp pavilion dv6408nr and yes it sv6408nr.

Try reinstalling factory defaults from the recovery disk. No issue with VGA signal on external monitor. It cannot be replaced separately. As they are both the same, I switched them and the power button still did not work and the dvd controls if touched lite up as before.

If you still can see a very fain image, most likely this is the inverter or backlight lamp failure. Is this more than just the screen? I broke my screen and need to replace hp pavilion dv6408nr. I have a HP Did ppavilion purchase the right cable? I think this problem is related to the backligth lamp inside the LCD screen.

Hp pavilion dv6408nr a closer look at the screen when it goes black. I removed the old screen just as in the manual, and when compaired side by side, hp pavilion dv6408nr area to connect the LCD cable is a bit different.

I even had the dreaded go past 90 degree Black screen. When it is running on battery power I get sporadic static lines horizontally across the screen with occasional vertical colored lines. I bought a screen cable and installed it about a year ago, and it worked once or twice before it quit too.

Dv608nr Series, M series, M Series. I purchased an inverter board to see if that was the culprit; however that did not work either. How would I know if it were indeed the inverter and hp pavilion dv6408nr some other mystery problem? Is it possible to replace the backlight lamp? Followed your photos and had no issues. I have hp pavilion dv6408nr DV whose screen looks like it is displaying a 4 bit color resolution.

I adjusted all the setting with my video card and nothing. One other dv408nr i noticed is that the hdd and the light next to it do not blink at all when i switch it on. There are two wireless antenna cables running inside the display panel. So like, apparently when the screen is cracked on one of these laptops, a safety feature prevents it from turning on. I doubt that you can buy this magnet separately. Anyway how can I know if a screen will fit my pavilon Also, try reconnecting hp pavilion dv6408nr cable on the back of the screen.

I would try reconnecting hp pavilion dv6408nr cable just in case. Try replacing just the backlight. I can still see things on it. One solution my problem was that when i moved the screen it would flicker and go dark although u can still see the screen.

How to remove screen on HP Pavilion dv6000

This page will be updated on a regular basis so please check back hp pavilion dv6408nr the most up to date information. This has been going on for months now.

One of the memory modules could be bad. Thank you for this post. Try replacing the inverter ph first. If you have nothing to lose without backlight your LCD is not usable anywayyou can hp pavilion dv6408nr replacing hp pavilion dv6408nr backlight. Sounds more like LCD screen failure but just in case I would try reseating the video cable connections first. Sounds like the screen problem.

Sometime the LCD screen flashes on for a few seconds but goes dark again. But it works fine with external monitor. I replaced the screen on my dv series notebook, and now the blue touch pavilioon buttons quit working. Under usb serial controllers find ST usb camera. Thanks for any advice you may have. Make sure your problem is related to the backligth lamp failure. The lines start appearing after my laptop got mishandled and slip on floor and keep on increasing day by day.

Thank you very much for your answer! Thanks hp pavilion dv6408nr any advise that you can provide. I asked this somewhere else and didnt get any response.