Now its stuck on “windows is starting up” Forced a reset – VM hung following clicking the reset button on the “do you really want to reset” dialog. Sometimes the freeze in the guest is immediate, progressing to the Vbox GUI, and then to the host system. Ticket closed defect: And yes, we are working on a solution. Guest shutdown and logfile atached here for your information.

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Last modified 4 months ago. I will post a log file. I’m running win7 64 bit as the host and winxp sp3 as a guest. Is this ever going to be fixed?!? Sleechmike – Win 7 professional 64 bit running r Have tried everything – even following the instructions When I removed that driver, VB could finally see the reader and install philips speechmike 6274 driver.

At first then still with VBox 3. See TracTickets for help philips speechmike 6274 using tickets. A change had occurred. Win7 Pro 64bit De Guest: On the whole, so far as I’m concerned: Please try again later and the following detail:.

Philips speechmike 6274 having the issue where devices are read at start-up and then never read again it seems – I can plug in and unplug devices and they never change in the Devices menu.

I have to either hold the power button down, or, if I can get to the taskmanager, I can end the wininit philips speechmike 6274 which leads to a blue screen with memory dump. Now its stuck on “windows is starting up” Forced a reset – VM hung following clicking the reset button on the “do you really want to reset” dialog.

Then it works fine with my usb2.

All the other posters in your philips speechmike 6274 are talking about host crashes; not about the problem you describe. I am sure all of us who have the issue and have added a bug will appreciate your comment and the re-prioitisation. Guest shutdown and logfile atached here for your information.

However, USB mass storage devices such as usb sticks philips speechmike 6274 be mounted, but a usb scanner as well as speecchmike usb printer can no longer be mounted.

I tried VBox 3. Anyway, I supply this information in the hopes that it may help someone and possibly myself. Please try again later”.

Mind you, I’m still using version 3. Philips speechmike 6274 of my issue was a crash in the guest following the hosts inabilty to load the Vbox drivers.

What intermediate state can it be in? Forced to close Vbox down via task manager. I will try disabling USB 2. Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the problem here. philips speechmike 6274

Ah Frank my appologies philips speechmike 6274 the outburst. The disk is still readable, but won’t boot, and a repair installation keeps failing when it attempts to install networking. Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit version 6.

So we are getting somewhere. Device manager displayed an “unknown device”. On further attempts to start a VM, VirtualBox or probably Win 7 does not again try to install the devicedriversoftware.

# (VirtualBox USB installation issue on Win 7 64 bit host) – Oracle VM VirtualBox

I can get the usb drivers to load and at least for a printer it will actually work but the system becomes unstable and will usually lockup with the only way out being the reset button or a power down. I was running 4. The virtual philips speechmike 6274 version is also 3.

Also happy to try the test build and report back tonight. I “disabled” it from the command line so it showed disabled in the GUI, but the problem still occurred as philips speechmike 6274.