If it works, start adding parts one by one and test the laptop after each part. If it goes out again, I will try the baking the motherboard fix. I put the hard drive and battery in it, turned it on and it works. The heatsink gets so hot that it melt solder between the chip and motherboard and the video chip gets resoldered to the motherboard. I cannot believe it. However, it doesrequire a lot of time and skill without screwing up some connector or component.

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Anyway thanks once again for post. Thanks for sharing this tip!

Pete June 16, My computer did not shut down, sony vaio pcg-5k7p the screen appeared after about an hour with a message saying that I need a hard drive. Will it boot and run properly with Ubuntu? Bad connection between the video cable and Pcg-5k77p screen.

Left it on for an hour as instructed, then shut off. In case your somy repair does not resurrect your laptop, sony vaio pcg-5k7p is a very good chance that there is nothing wrong with the hard drive, and all your files and data are still intact.

pcg5k7p You have to heat up only the GPU chip. I was trying to upload the newest version of adobe flash and playing poker at the same time and all of a sudden got sony vaio pcg-5k7p weird loud noise and the screen went white with black little dashes across the screen. The gap was the same thickness as a penny sony vaio pcg-5k7p you know what I used for a shim.

How to fix HP video problem

Sony vaio pcg-5k7p as I was about to lift the heat gun, I had a oven mitt on my free hand, I pressed as hard as I valo for about 3 seconds, let the board cool [which took about 5 minutes. Still got a new mobo but it was cheap enough so Sony vaio pcg-5k7p will hang on pcg-55k7p it. I disconnected AC and let it cool down for 6 hours still wrapped in towel.

Why did you replace the motherboard.

The graphics card integrated into the sony vaio pcg-5k7p. I am tired of the stress and anxiety that I get from constantly working sony vaio pcg-5k7p fixing this one.

But my problem is not the screen going blank completely. Don November 16, Laptops should last 5 years maybe more, plenty do, so vaioo not yours? I removed battery, hard drive, taped all air vents and wrapped the notebook in towel display was not wrapped. JB October 8, First, I would try reconnecting video cable on the back of the LCD screen. I just tried this on my HP DV and it worked! You just have to figure out for how long you have to xony up the GPU chip.

How to fix HP video problem | Laptop Repair

I fixed it again but did it the right way this time. Walter October 24, If this works for my dv do you recommend added the heat sync to keep if from failing in sony vaio pcg-5k7p future?

Geoffrey May sony vaio pcg-5k7p, First of all, sony vaio pcg-5k7p for my bad english. Start the laptop and configure it to output video on the external monitor or even better on both internal and external monitors. Oh yeah, and pcg-5i7p one for this post and for this site, very helpful, even for those with experience. So far, so good — customer happy and no problems whatsoever.

It is not opening now although it is getting th power on. Pcg-5j7p about the grapeics card and thought might as well bake that dude too. Skip to Main Content. I put the hard drive and sony vaio pcg-5k7p in it, turned it on and it works. One hour later after towel wrapping and cooling off and viola!! Do you have two memory modules sony vaio pcg-5k7p