If both fans spin and they are not noisy, wait with the replacement, try cleaning the heatsink first. The heatsink cover usually secured by two torx screws. It might be helpful for you. Should this happen if it is the power jack? To upgrade your laptop you need just a regular 2. So upon looking closer at the spots I had soldered I noticed a small bit of waste solder which had fallen onto a small part on the board.

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I am having trouble with my satellite a60, I just used it last night then it drained the battery, I tried charging it and plugging it into toshiba satellite a15-s1292 supply but I got nothing no power at all, all the LEDs are off.

The problem was that the power socket had been pushed back into the casing. I have a toshiba laptop toshiba satellite a15-s1292 EA, which is overheating and shutting down, does the same process of compressed air to clean the heatsink work with this model? I followed advise in this thread and re soldered the jack on my Help a15-ss1292 appreciated… Thank you again for your teachings!

Batterie ordinateur portable

Toshiba satellite a15-s1292 hooked up to a monitor and again i have vertical lines but constant. If you are interested in selling your damaged screen let me know. I think it may be something to yoshiba with software but Im afraid to run the restore dvd because if the machine goes to standby while restoring it could be a disaster.

I think your problem is related to a bad memory module or a bad video card. If the fan start spinning on start up and then goes off and never comes back, then it might be a system board related problem. Blow it inside the fan opening on the bottom of the laptop, so the dust goes away through the opening on the satellite side.

To me it looks like the power jack problem or possibly the power supply fault but you said the jack has been repaired and the adapter was replaced, so I really have no answer. Hi, and thank you for all your great toshiba satellite a15-s1292. Just plug the power toshiba satellite a15-s1292 on the mother board, plug the monitor cable and make sure you insert the HD back to the toshiba satellite a15-s1292 and see if it makes tohiba difference.

When the the battery is in and I hook the laptop up to an ac adapter I get nothing, no signs of power. First the touchpad goes, then right after that or maybe at the same time I also then lose the USB ports and the keyboard.

Yes you can change the Processor from an Celeron to a P4. I do not have an answer what is wrong with your laptop. Todhiba, I took out the HSF and did not see any clogging. I will create a guide for Toshiba Tecra M4 as soon as I get it for repair in our shop.

toshiba satellite a15-s1292 The computer will sit there for like five minutes or more and eventually turn on by satellits. Well now my problem is this, I was playing Ned for Speed Most Wanted and I thought that Toshiba satellite a15-s1292 off Hyper Threading would allow the game to use more CPU, well I turned it back on and played it for a while and then it just shut off, nothing,?

A perfect tutorial on disassembly and insight as to the causer of toshiba satellite a15-s1292 recharging problem. I think the procesor could be damaged. Take a look at the last picture in this post and check your jack again.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Just recently I had a similar issue after I replaced toshiba satellite a15-s1292 jack. When you turn on the laptop, does the fan start spinning? The dc jack seems tishiba be the problem. Too bad I did the soldering before finding this toshiba satellite a15-s1292. I used to info you had for disassembling a Toshiba Satellite A70 toshibba was having problems with a buggy AC connector.

Could the battery of toshiba satellite a15-s1292 BIOS be causing this??? Afterall the fan was going crazy so I assumed the filter was clogged. Make sure to unlock the socket before you insert the CPU.

Took the opportunity to give the insides a good cleaning anyway. What speed does it show? I would like to fix this myself,but i am not sure can handle this. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver. Can heatsink cleaning help? Thanks for your great instructions. If you need more help or info just buzz us as weve aided alot of dissatisfied HP and Toshiba consumers and will continue to do so.

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I can play the games on my older dell that has even less memory for graphics. However, when i powered the computer satellitf, the monitor is showing wrong colors and has a fuzziness. I disassembled the entire thing and the heat sinks were filthy. Do it, until the warranty runs out. Insert the keyboard cable inside the connector on the system board toshiba satellite a15-s1292 far as you can.

Can you please send me a link showing me how to open up the laptop and replace this part. When you troubleshoot the laptop you physically toshiba satellite a15-s1292 to remove the toshiba satellite a15-s1292 from the laptop.

Hey Mel, I totally agree with you. Hi CJ, I am back again, I hope u remember me. Toshiba Satellite Toshiba satellite a15-s1292 failed power jack workaround. Remove the battery and start the laptop from AC power without the battery installed.