Shattering the expectations for compact multi-effect units, the StompLab Series from VOX is available in 4 different varieties for guitarists and bassists alike. My only two disappointments from this pedal is that you can’t have two effects from the same “box” going at the same time. The valve circuitry features a real 12AX7 vacuum tube, along with other components, to cleanly mimic the interaction that occurs in a tube amplifier in a way no digital circuit can. Setting a program is pretty easy, but going thru the set programs in a live situation would be a hassle. For me, having just 2 or 3 usuable amp models would have made me happy, but I ended up with at least a dozen.

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50 Years of Vox

Vox doesn’t directly tell you the names of the amp models, but instead give you vague hints in their descriptions. I’d like it to be more convienient to switch patches like with banks and I’d like the FX not to just be on three knobs for instance you can’t have both Orange Dist. Horses of Another Color Edward Ball. Combining vox tonelab st two effects on one setting was vox tonelab st bad call on Vox’ part. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable.

I’ve had the ST only 2 weeks now so my experience is going to change a bit vox tonelab st time, but my first impression is a good one.

Vox ToneLab ST Guitar Multi Effects Pedal | Musician’s Friend

vox tonelab st Most Liked Negative Review. I will be a while learning more and more about this tool. Seems Vox has really stepped up to the plate and answered the calls to modernize it’s amp mods. I was “unthrilled” at first, but I knew it would take time to get it where I wanted it. The ToneLab ST maintains the sophisticated specifications of the Valvetronix series, while packaging them into a compact unit that allows anyone to easily experience true tube powered vox tonelab st.

The Ibanez sounded big and fat, with great class A sparkle and touch-sensitivity. It does so wonderfully. Tube tone and a ton of vox tonelab st, cab, and effect models.

Despite their common root, the Vox and Cry Baby wahs have distinctive characteristics that have led different guitarists toward one or the other; the Vox is singing and flighty, the Cry Baby somewhat sweeter and more fluid, with a shorter rocker tonflab.

I found the spring reverb to be of good quality as voox the overdriven tube tube screamer. The only knob on vox tonelab st front of the amp that works because I’m plugged into the back of the amp is the volume. The possibilties are endless and the sound The Vox Tonelab ST will reward you with great tones if you are willing to spend the time. But compared to my line6 pod stuff, the tone is just too thin.

Stops my amp from coloring the sound on it’s own. Vox tonelab st distinguishes the ToneLab ST from other sr units. The Tonelab ST has 33 amps and 11 cabinets. This pedal is SO worth the money. You can’t have a fully adjustable chorus and delay at the same time, which is something that I find essential on my clean sounds. But you vox tonelab st to have midi interfaces to use it with your PC.

.: Guitar effect patches for Zoom, Digitech, Korg, TC-Electronic, Boss, VOX, Behringer

This is an amazing pedal. I’ve messed around with all the rest et like them too, I just don’t use them. Dick Denney vox tonelab st and Tom Jennings in the s with a Vox teardrop guitar.

See all my reviews. Effect parameters can be vox tonelab st assigned to the expression pedal, ensuring a limitless range of performance power. I highly recommend getting this if you are curious!!

Major features I like: So I pressed on, and I was rewarded with great sound!

The only fault that I find is that it’s not the most user-friendly unit. Guitar Effects Buying Guide. Ask me a question. This incarnation was shortlived, but further changes continued for the better. Displaying reviews Back to top. The Vox ToneLab ST is designed to deliver the ultimate in tonal dexterity to the musician in any situation, from stage to studio and everywhere in between. It would be a pain to adjust the reverb level for every patch vox tonelab st time you play a different place, so just use the spring reverb and it will vox tonelab st good everywhere.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Vox amplifiers must vox tonelab st flattered to pieces vox tonelab st in their sixth decade. Plugged vox tonelab st in and couldn’t believe the poor sound quality. Hiwatt amplifiers have a very transient tone with little distortion that faithfully box that which is put into them. This way the Tonelab does all the tone-shaping. By specifying the range of control, you can quickly create highly original performance settings.

Once you program it one time, the rest is just the same thing over and over. Unlimited expressive pedal power The ToneLab ST provides an expression pedal that lets sg control various tone shaping effects and parameters as you play.

Review Snapshot by PowerReviews.

This thing is built to last. Amp vox tonelab st Bob Tekippe. You simply twist the knob to set the level of the reverb and you’re done. From there, the pedal evolved down separate but related paths into both the Vox Wah-Wah and the Thomas Organ Cry Baby, with various changes in production location and circuit design along the way.